Dynasty Warriors 9: An Open World Hack and Slash?!

Dynasty Warriors is one of the most popular hack and slash game series… ever in my opinion. Admittedly, the last few iterations of the series have been, well, getting stagnant. However, recently Koei officially announced Dynasty Warriors 9 and gave us some more information about the next title within the series. One of the main features announced… it’s open world!

Koei have announced that Dynasty Warriors 9 will be “Open World”.

Yes, Koei have officially announced that Dynasty Warriors 9 is coming and that it will be open world. For a lot of people, including me I admit, are tired of the constant listing of “Open World” as a feature with so many games now using the term. Once upon a time open world was a term that would excite people, heck, look back to the days of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind being released and how amazing an experience walking around in that open world was. However, then you get games such as Dragon Age: Inquisition with its empty dull world which, while massive there’s no denying that – it’s empty…

Now, what makes this news different for me is the genre of game and the series it’s attached to in general. Dynasty Warriors games are known for their hack and slash battles slaughtering thousands upon thousands of people with one person. It’s a great time waster and even better stress reliever when playing on an easy mode of difficulty.

I think the open world idea for Dynasty Warriors 9 will be a good thing over all. Having the ability to run into officers at random while traveling ancient china and running into battles will to me be a fun thing to do and I don’t think I would easily tire of it – especially if they have the good old create your own officer system in the game. I would love to be able to create my own officer and become a sort of travelling officer running maybe sometimes unexpectedly into battles and maybe having to pick a side or just destroy everyone instead.

I also think that if such a system is in place I would love to see the ability to maybe capture and recruit officers into my own army. That, I think would be the best thing for me. It would to me basically be a mixture of Warriors: Empires games as well as the Xtreme (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) Legends games all in one which to me would just be fantastic and I would very much welcome such a game.

At this time it is only confirmed for release on the PlayStation 4, Koei seems to have shied away from releasing anything on the Xbox over the last few years. I hope they release it on PC too as that is my preferred platform to play games on anyway. Knowing Koei and their recent porting progress I imagine that it will arrive on PC too.

I will write more on this game as and when I uncover enough information to do so. I will also be reviewing the game once I have been able to play it which will probably mean once it releases on PC unless I have a PS4 at the time of its initial release.